Monday, 9 September 2013

Post 9 - Andrew Goodwin Theory

Andrew Goodwin wrote the book 'Dancing in the Distraction Factory' which identifies three types of music videos that you get in the industry: 

His first type of music video is called Illustration and when watching these you notice that the videos always cuts on the beat instead of to the beat. The images throughout the music video illustrate the literal meaning and feeling of the lyrics being sung. This is often with the band in the music video and they show them to be singing or playing their instruments in the background. 

An example of Illustration is the song 'The Way' by Ariana Grande ft Mac Miller. This first screenshot shows Ariana Grande with Mac Miller and showing Mac Miller to be the band around her but part of the storyline with the different images. This is part of illustration as it includes the other band members and it adds shows the different feelings going on between the singers, including the meaning in the lyrics.

This next screenshot shows the connection the singers have and helps bring up the feelings and emotions in this music video which is typical of illustration as thats what Andrew Goodwin believed summed up Illustration. This screenshot shows there is a storyline through the lyrics in this song, and there is a connection through the lyrics and through the music video.

The next type of music video Andrew Goodwin identified was Amplification. This style of music video allows the music video to cut on the beat but also emphasise the features as well around it. In the music video, it allows you to see that the images amplify the lyrics throughout meaning they connect together, there is a specific narrative that everyone can understand clearly however the lyrics would not be specifically picked up from the storyline meaning they might not connect together but they have used the storyline to make the song and music video abstract and put a creative idea on theme.
The band in this type of music video take on fictional roles throughout and are part of the storyline to be able to fit and making them part of the concept.

An example of Amplification is the song 'Last Friday Night' by Katy Perry. This first screen shot shows Katy Perry as the main character and showing the storyline throughout. Fortunately these lyrics link with the storyline but they have been presented in a creative way with all the bright colours and the story right at the beginning. The image in this screenshot helps amplify the lyrics being said.

Another example in this music video to show amplification is where the famous saxaphone player is being used as the uncle making the band/musician performing with Katy is being added in creatively and not just being there. It adds more creativity and shows more to the storyline and links to what is happening throughout and he is also referred to 'Uncle Kenny' making him even more involved.

The last type of music video that Andrew Goodwin has established is Disjuncture. This is where throughout the video the film does not cut on the beat it cuts off the beat and does not follow it throughout however Goodwin has interpreted this as a bad music video as he believes it shows a sign of how bad the music video has been made. In the music video there are images throughout that do not relate to to the lyrics used in the song. The band is portrayed in the music video as just an image that does not even relate to the lyrics or actual music video meaning they are the complete opposite to what is being said.

An example of Disjuncture is in the music video 'Da Funk' by Daft Punk. This screenshot shows the image of the main character which is a dog with a stereo in his arm. This image and character does not relate to the music and does not make sense to the audience. Also this character does not sing or use lip synch throughout and its more like a story than an actual song for a music video. 

This next screenshot shows the image of just the dog character again and that the band is not presented throughout. This is shown to be bad of a music video as there is no linkage in the song and it does not introduce us to the band who is singing, which shows possibly that they are not as famous. Also only a couple of characters are used in this but through a storyline not in the actual song through the lyrics. 

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