Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Post 14 - Research 3 Record Labels

Tolroom Records

Year Establishment: 2003
Location: Toolroom Records was established in their headquarters which is in Maidstone, England.
Artists: Mark Knight, is the head of the record label and he has helped produce so many famous house records to date including some of his own that he has added to the label. He has also managed to get very famous and mainstream artists to perform for the record label and produce a mixture of different types of house music.

Promotional Material: Toolroom Records has allowed itself to keeping it one step ahead of all other record labels which manages to be able to keep its pride and how famous it is. The label offers downloads, offering merchandise, ringtones, 12 purchases on their mainstream and famous web and an ultimate CD.
Logo: The logo is very simple and unique to other famous record labels. Additionally, it manages to promote its title and logo/symbol but also manages to show the audience and different artists its website so peope can listen to their type of music and contact them to work with them. The colours stand out and are rememberable when looking at them. 
Divisions & Parent Company: Tolroom Records is in an individual and independant record label that established itself in 2003 on its own from the famous house music artist Mark Knight, who therefore managed to get the label famous from his unique and trendsetting music.
History: Toolroom Records has set the standards very high with major house music companies as they are known to be one of the most controversial and respected dance labels of all time. They have a lot of sub labels that are very mainstream and known about, a tour packaged, a DJ-led compilation brand and 10 full and strong hard workers who make the record label famous and different to others.
Why it's suitable: I think this record label is suitable for our project because its very stylish and modern and it has done very well in the house music industry, therefore it would show our music video to be one of the top ones in the music industry. Also, it shows the record label to be very dependable as it advertises its own website on the front of the logo.

405 Recordings
Year Establishment: 2005
Location: 405 Recordings headquarters for this particular record label is Melbourne, Austrailia.
Artists: James Brooke is the artist who runs 405 Recordings and has been an Austrailian DJ and radio host for many years. He was the one who managed to head up the new label and make it go out into the world where people could listen to the types of music that he has created and established.
Promotional Material: 405 recordings has managed to make their record label famous because of the leader and founder of it James Brooke. He has managed to create different and unique music and has managed to get the company involved in different downloaded bases so people and artists find the company. For example, iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Bigpond etc. Getting involved with these downloadable bases makes the company more well known.
Logo: The logo is very simple but trendy, and is set out to be rememberable from the name and the little symbol next to it. The symbol helps as a lot of companies use black and white for the colour, but the symbol makes it different to others and rememberable. Additionally, as the name is so simple it helps artists and managers to remember it. 
Divisions & Parent Company: 405 Recordings is an independant record label as it was founded by James Brooke, a famous radio host and DJ artist. As he is quite famous, he has managed to get famous and local artists in Austrailia to perform and record famous songs on it e.g. Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Trent McDermott etc. This therefore helps his record label to get more out there.
History: 405 Recordings is based on house music but in particular releasing quality underground sounds and trance and progressive music. It manages to sell through the biggest downloading companies. The company manages to build and improve artists on both a local and international view. James Brooke, the leader of it has used his own years of experience to create and progress this famous record label.
Why it's suitable: I think this record label is suitable because it's very in with the modern style. It's very modern and looks like a good record label which then makes it very catchy to music artists. Also i think its suitable because from the list of artists, most of them are famous which helps make it look more like a famous music company.

New City Sound
Year Establishment: 
Location: New City Sound was established in the South West Region in the UK.
Artists: This record label has managed to give many artists a chance to perform live at gigs and get signed and well known by many different managers to show their talent and produce their songs. Examples of these artists are Shapeshifters, Junior Jack, Soul Central, KKKlass etc. These all are now very well known artists that have got far because of this record label.
Promotional Material: To make the record label famous and out there they offer a huge amount of success in the business. Unfound artists that sign up to it are offered a signed track that will be beneficial in the music world as it will make it big internationally, artists have oppurtunites to premier their songs and new mixes that they can write and create, they have a mixture of bases in different countries but the main and head one is in the UK, but that means your able to tour easy and confidently with the help of them and they post your music on the internet to get managers to find you and choose you to perform or be a part of something musically.
Logo: The logo allows the artist to remember it very easily from the bold colours being used and the symbol in the corner. It stands out from many other different record labels, which means in the music world in the UK it stands out from other different UK labels, also meaning that they know their music industry very well. 
Divisions & Parent Company: New City Sound was established and respected by the 'House' music producers, promoters and managers. They believed that this UK company had potential to get good artists to sign on to them, especially in the house style of music. Positively, NCS has been offered a new record label to produce their music through a new label and changing the whole outline of it to make it even more better. The company overall is being decorated to make it look better. 
History: This record label being connected with different head music producers and promoters has made it famous and has got many people to do gigs to outline and promote this music label. Effectively, it has managed to sign every single new artist to get them far in the music world, which is very known of New City Sound record label to make artists more famous. 
Why it is suitable: This record label is suitable for our house music video because the red colour is very eye catching, and looks very new and stylish. The capitals make it look more edgy and important, and from all the info from it, it helps solo artists get far in life and get their own record label.

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