Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Post 2 - Roles in Music Video

Roles for House Music Video on Make A Gif

This gif explains to everyone the different roles everyone has in the group and what they are going to be contributing towards the group to make the music video a success. So as you can see Jacob is going to be our director and in charge of lighting and sound as we all agreed he would best to help make this music video and would give the best decisions for the music video, especially for all the ideas he has thought of so far for specifically house music. George is going to be doing a joint role of camera shots, which therefore indicates that him and Jacob can both contribute different shot ideas which will make the music video stand out and effective. We thought that Rae should be the performer for this music because she would suit this role for this singer very well as she knows the genre well and help think of different ideas for what she could do in the music video. She is also joint doing mise en scene with me, so this is where we can put in ideas about how the way the performer looks, where it should be set and the character should be doing etc. I believe all the roles given are very good and suit every person in our group, and everyone will do really well in thinking of different ideas for their section in our house music video.

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