Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Post 3 - Song Details

Hot Natured ft Anabel Englund - Reverse Skydiving (Shadow Chid Remix)

Our song choice for our House music video is the song Reverse Skydiving (shadow child remix) by Hot Natured featuring Anabel Englund. We chose this song for our chosen music video genre because it has a great house music beat that starts off the song that's throughout. After then it additionally has a breakdown at 1:34 in the music that brings a climax to the song. Also, it effectively has the singer Anabel Englund singing through out from 0:40 with meaningful lyrics. This has been edited throughout though as there is some echoes in her voice at the beginning and throughout, and it sounds like some parts have been repeated and edited. The song is about about a romance she is having with someone and how she feels about that guy when she's with him. This uses mesmerising connatations with sexual references towards the guy. However, from when i heard the song and saw the lyrics, the story that she is telling is like a memory, imagination or a story from being on drugs especially with the way she is singing the song and the type of lyrics. The genre of this music video especially for the remix of the song comes under the genre house music. This is because of the type of lyrics she is singing, the beat and drop of beat to make the climax in the song because it sounds like the song would be in a club which is very conventional of house music and their music videos.

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