Monday, 2 September 2013

Low Budget Video: The Fix - Just Got Paid

Firstly, this song is very typical of a pop song and uses very pop conventional ideas throughout. However, this song does not have a storyline to it, it just uses different shots of the singers singing in different locations which is still conventional but shows how the low budget version have altered it. This first tube chop shows the opening of the music video and it is very effective especially with the mise en scene as it uses it completely black then 4 lights come on with the harmonies of the voices. Then you see a 5 shadows of each singer and them moving into a different dance move. This is very typical of a pop music video as it has already shown all 5 singers in the band already and has shown the first location/setting they have used to open the music video. This is also particularly good with editing as they have managed to get the lights and movements in time with the singing.

This next tubechop shows the beginning and opening music of the song. This section is effective as it introduces the audience to all of the singers/band members individually and then at the end all of them together. At the same time it starts of with one of the members doing the backing music showing that he is lip synching. This was really good as that backing track to sing is very fast and he was really in time with the music and the pace of the words. Additionally, the camerawork in this tube chop is effective as it uses over the shoulder camera shots that reflect into the mirror so you can see the singers face and body. This also is very conventional of pop music videos as it uses those extreme close ups of each singer looking up, and many music videos use that to introduce the audience to each singer.

This tubechop is very conventional of a pop music video as for the first verse the camera is basically taking control and view of that one singer. But what makes it conventional is that the shots have managed to have a setting change in most of them, an angle change in every single one of them from an extreme close up to a long shot with him and the rest of the band mates & additionally there are a few costume changes in this first verse. Also in this first verse they have shown a connection between the band mates and how all band mates work as a team and show the friendship they have with each other especially if the song doesn't have a storyline.

This tubechop is the section coming towards the end of the song. Its very conventional as it uses a mixture of different shots to show all of them singing and especially the main singer doing all the notes above them. For example they all manage to do a dance section with a long shot angle showing but showing them all in time with each other and all lip synching with each other. At the end of the actual music video the bit of text was all in time and the picture of all them as a boyband is very conventional as most boybands do that to show who they are and show their style. Also the fact that they are always in that particular order in the whole music video is effective as then the viewers watching knows who is who. Furthermore, they manage to show more different setting and costume shots from different angles and made sure still that the singing was in time with each other. The editing also in these shots always alter from one, as the one with the lights shows the viewers their dance moves with the background and the its very neutral whereas the long shots of them in the fancy house shows their style and singing skills.

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