Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Post 11 - Genre Research 2

Swedish House Mafia ft Tinie Tempah - Miami 2 Ibiza

Media presentation house music from megmogx

Steve Angello & Laidback Luke ft Robin S - Show Me Love

I chose to do Show Me Love because it replicates all the conventions of a house music video. Also as it's more of an older style song, you can still see the conventions there but portrayed in a different way. Firstly, the mise en scene in this music video is very typical of 80's house music video as it uses all the bright colours in their costume and in the animated setting. However, there is no setting change which is typical in house music videos as they normally show people dancing in a club, so technically it's the same but with an animated background that's the same throughout. The background and costumes help symbolise and show the era of the 80's and what the outfits were like, and where all the bright colours come from in the outfits and the background. 

The next tube chop shows the editing in the 80's music video Show Me Love. It's very different to the music videos now a days as they use very modern editing to make and show the conventions. However, this music video does the same but in a different way. Firstly, the whole setting throughout uses a bright purple stripey background, which could resemble the 80's style and the bright colours could show the dancing atmosphere and that it's good song to dance to. Furthermore, it uses a fake stereo which helps fit in with the strong dancey beats to the music, right from the beginning and all the way throughout. Also at the beginning where the women is singing, the lyrics are presented on screen coming from the womens mouth, but in an actual 80's style music text that is very famous.

The next tube chop represents the camerawork and cinematography that is used in this music video. They use a mixture of camera shots, but they are all pretty much the same as normal music videos for any genre. For example, there is one extreme close up of the women singing the words, but does a side extreme shot just to show part of her face singing it. Additionally, they use a lot of long shots. This is because it's house music they have to show people dancing, but in this video its just single girls dancing which is very typical of house music videos because it shows the audience that the song is very popular. 

This tub chop next shows the overall performance gives in the music video and to the audience. It's very typical of a house music video with all the females dancing and all the bright colours and no change of setting. Also, its additionally conventional because it has lip synch but not from the main singer but from one of the women in the music videos which is very typical as the DJ's and singers in house music dont really show themselves and would rather get other people to do it to create that reality in the music video. However, the lip synch is very good because it's all in time and very good for someone who is actually not singing to it.

Edward Maya - Stereo Love

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