Monday, 8 July 2013

Analysing a Pop Music Video: Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

This music video is about a girl really in love with her neighbour but doesn't have the confidence to tell him as firstly he has a girlfriend and secondly he's much popular than her, and from her lyrics "you belong with me" it shows that she really likes him and knows that it's meant to be. This typical of a pop music video as it uses the topics of young teenage love and the usual love story that the popular guy falls for the nerdy girl. Additionally, as she is singing about these topics it makes the song have conventional lyrics. The actual music video itself talks about how typically nerdy characters always love the popular characters and can either get the popular character or not, but in this song its made it out to be like a fairytale ending. 
 This music video is a promotional video for Taylor Swift as it shows her being the main characters (except for the guy) but the popular girl and nerdy girl throughout the whole music video. Additionally, it shows her singing the song throughout as her nerdy character while the popular character is only for acting, as the nerdy character is the main character. Overall, this shows that Taylor Swift can act and multi-roll as different characters, but also shows that she was a big part in making the song and lyrics as it shows the topic is quite important to her because it matches the lyrics that she wrote for it. This music video fits into the pop genre as it uses bright colours, bright and story telling lyrics and makes the audience want to sing a long to it and watch the video to wonder what the song is about. 

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